2XU T:O Wetsuit Mens

Mens 2XU T:O Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: Great value wetsuit for beginners who want a suit delivering extra performance
Rating: ★★★★½

This is a great value suit: for an entry-level price, you get all the buoyancy and warmth a beginner or slower swimmer needs without compromising on flexibility where it matters. Quality Yamamoto neoprene, coated with SCS for minimised drag, adds value to this affordable triathlon wetsuit. The 2XU T:O features a one-piece design on the body, all the way from the neck to the knee, meaning no seams or joins to add drag and slow you down. The underarm area of the suit – crucial to a long swim stroke – is particularly flexible enabling unrestricted movement through the extension, rotation and pull phases of the swim stroke. The back of the suit, also a one-piece design with no seams, allows the zip to move with the body as your arms rotate through the catch and recovery parts of the stroke. The upper legs are extremely buoyant, encouraging the optimum streamlined position in the water and offering assistance to triathletes with a weaker leg-kick. On the forearms, you’ll find a mesh material which aims to give you a degree of extra grip on the water as you swim. All 2XU wetsuits come with a 2-year warranty.

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