Aqua Sphere Ironman Racer Pro Series Wetsuit Womens

Womens Aqua Sphere Ironman Racer Pro Series Tri Wetsuit
Summary: Great fitting suit for female triathletes looking for high-performance and comfort
Rating: ★★★★★

The WRacer is the mid-range suit for women from the Aqua Sphere Ironman brand. It’s a great suit for a reasonable price, offering all the buoyancy, warmth and flexibility you’d expect of a wetsuit at this price point but with a fantastic fit and some clever extras. The torso is constructed of 4.5mm thickness material, which is where the buoyancy and warmth comes from, but elsewhere there’s thinner and more flexible neoprene to deliver great flexibility as you roll, reach and pull through the stroke. The neck is quite low and very soft and comfortable. Leak-resistant cuffs work to keep water out, but may cause some a problem when whipping the wetsuit off quickly. There are catch-panels on the forearms to help you grab more water, and areas under the arms to minimise chafing here. Note that Aqua Sphere triathlon wetsuits come in a high-quality durable box which triathletes often use as a triathlon box and changing mat.

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