Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles

Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles
Summary: A great choice if you feel you want more protection or clarity of vision than goggles
Rating: ★★★★½

Some triathletes want a bit more protection from their goggles, and prefer the feeling of security which a swimming mask gives. Aqua Sphere’s Vista goggles are a great example: larger than regular open-water goggles, they cover more of the face, protecting from the cold of the water and making it easier for nervous swimmers to submerge their face. They’re completely water-tight, so won’t let in any leaks to chill or spook you. Another benefit of masks like the Vista is that they give great panoramic vision, since they wrap further around the face than goggles. You’ll therefore be able to see to each side, but also above and below you: great for sussing out the opposition, finding a pair of feet to draft of and, of course, sighting correctly. The Vista has a low-profile, meaning it minimises drag, and is really light. Its strap tightens or loosens with one simple touch, so you can even adjust it whilst you’re in the water. The Vista comes in a range of lens colours, and clear, smoke and blue lenses, so you can tailor your choice of goggles to light conditions.

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