Blue Seventy Axis Wetsuit Mens

Mens Blue Seventy Axis Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: A mid-range suit ideal for those with heavy legs or weaker kicks
Rating: ★★★★☆

The Blue Seventy Axis is a great choice of triathlon wetsuit if you suffer from heavy-legs, typical in triathletes who have transitioned into the sport from running or particularly cycling. Cyclists’ heavy leg muscles, combined with a weaker leg-kick than that of experienced swimmers, can result in the legs dropping in the water as they swim, disrupting the streamlined swimming position and creating drag. This triathlon wetsuit has been designed to focus on the legs, with central buoyancy working to offer a very balanced position in the water. The wetsuit’s main areas of buoyancy are in the hips, thighs and lower legs, with thicker material lifting the legs to drive the body forward during the swim. On the forearms, you’ll find panels which help you get a feel for the water, developing a strong and more effective catch. And the panels under the arms are flexible, enabling a great degree of stretch and reach in the front sections of the swim stroke. In transition, the easy release ankle system helps you get the suit off quickly.

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