Blue Seventy Fusion Wetsuit Mens

Mens Blue Seventy Fusion Triathlon Wetsuits
Summary: Great price for novice triathletes who need assistance with buoyancy
Rating: ★★★★★

Blue Seventy’s Fusion is a step-up from their entry-level suit (the Blue Seventy Sprint) but still ideal for those who are starting out in triathlon and feel they need a little more in the way of buoyancy to give them confidence in open-water. This good-looking suit is buoyant in key areas to give you a balanced, streamlined swimming position and also to help lift your legs, preventing drag and helping you develop a stronger and more effective leg-kick. The central buoyancy area, around the torso, will encourage a good posture as you swim. There’s flexibility, too, most notably around the shoulder and running from the armpit down towards the waist, so you can rotate through the recovery phase of the swim stroke and reach forward as you extend, getting more distance per stroke.

Blue Seventy have not sacrificed quality, bringing details of their higher-level suits to this lower-level offering: the shape of the ankle will help you get the wetsuit off quickly and the underarm panels are flexible for unrestricted movement. The Fusion comes at a great price tag, sitting somewhere between entry-level and mid-range, ideal for novice triathletes who know they want to stick around.

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