Blue Seventy Sprint Wetsuit Mens

Mens Blue Seventy Sprint Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: Great price tag for first-time triathletes who need a triathlon wetsuit with buoyancy and quality
Rating: ★★★★★

This is an entry-level wetsuit at a fantastic price, ideal if you’re training for your first triathlon, taking part in a relay or just not sure if you’ll still like the sport of triathlon next year! When you’re about to swim in open-water for the first time, you need comfort, warmth and buoyancy, everything which will give you confidence. You’ll find all of those in the Blue Seventy Sprint triathlon wetsuit. The wetsuit’s superior levels of buoyancy will keep you afloat regardless of how good (or not) your swimming stroke is as you start out, delivering all the confidence you need in your first training session or race. Sighting will be made easier because you’ll be in a great streamlined position in the water. Despite the Sprint’s extra buoyancy, Blue Seventy haven’t compromised on flexibility in important areas like the underarm panels, meaning you’ll be able to stretch through your stroke without feeling restricted. A great choice of suit if you don’t want to spend too much but want the confidence of a leading brand’s technology, design and development.

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