Blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit Womens

Womens Blueseventy Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: Great fitting suit for triathletes who have a good degree of natural buoyancy and a sound swimming position
Rating: ★★★★½

Blue Seventy’s Reaction is ideal for triathletes looking for a mid-range suit which represents serious value. This triathlon wetsuit is best for those who have a natural degree of buoyancy already: the negative buoyancy won’t give you as much buoyancy as other suits, so you’ll need to be confident that your swimming position and posture in the water are already decent, and that you don’t struggle when it comes to a good leg-kick. If that’s you, you’ll find the Reaction to be a flexible, comfortable triathlon wetsuit which complements your natural abilities and improves your swimming performance significantly. It’s a mid-range suit at a fantastic price with the technical qualities you’d expect of a more expensive triathlon wetsuit: the air-cell panel in the front of the torso gives you warmth without affecting buoyancy, and the enlarged arm gussets add the flexibility which more adept swimmers really need. The body of the suit has been coated with a low-friction finish to minimise drag. The fit of the women’s version is great.

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