The beginner’s guide to tri wetsuits

Beginner Triathlete

Contemplating a swim

Along with a bike and running shoes, a triathlon wetsuit (or tri wetsuit) is one bit of kit you can’t get away without buying …unless you’re planning on restricting your triathlon races to [Read more…]

Find your ideal wetsuit

Whether you’re buying your first triathlon wetsuit or replacing an old favourite with a newer model, it can be easy to get lost in the choice of wetsuits on the market. Each manufacturer has several to choose from, ranging from [Read more…]

Wetsuit care made easy

So you’ve chosen your triathlon wetsuit, paid for it and taken it home. Short of admiring it lovingly, how can you look after it so it stays the distance, season after season? If you take these few simple steps [Read more…]

Get your wetsuit on and off quickly!

Triathlete making final adjustments to his triathlon wetsuit

Once you’ve bought your triathlon wetsuit, it’s worth spending some time understanding how you can coax the best performance out of it. Not all triathlon wetsuits are the same [Read more…]