Orca Kaisei Wetsuit Womens

Womens Orca Kaisei Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: Well-priced and with a social conscience, what more could you need?
Rating: ★★★★★

Like the men’s version of the Orca Kaisei, each purchase of this triathlon wetsuit directly supports Project Kaisei – a group committed to raising awareness of the damage the world’s discarded plastics are doing to our oceans and marine life. Orca is supporting Project Kaisei’s expeditions to an area in the Pacific where huge volumes of plastic and other debris accumulates.

This wetsuit would be a great choice for anyone starting out in triathlon or standalone open-water swimming. It’s warm, buoyant and flexible too. Thicker areas of neoprene around the torso lift the body into a good position, making you more streamlined in the water, whilst the material is thinner around the shoulder girdle and under the arms, so you can roll, stretch and pull through the swim stroke without feeling any fatigue. The thicker material on the torso will give you crucial protection against the chill of open-water, so it won’t matter if you are a slower swimmer or want to use this suit for more leisurely swims. In short, this is a great price for a suit which delivers everything a novice open-water triathlete needs: buoyancy, warmth and flexibility.

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