Quintana Roo Superfull Wetsuit Womens

Womens Quintana Roo Superfull Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: A high-performance suit whose price tag matches its premium technology
Rating: ★★★★☆

Aimed squarely at more serious and experienced triathletes, the Superfull is one of Quintana Roo’s most established triathlon wetsuits. It has been updated and improved for the current season to offer even more in the way of clever features, high performance and superior fit. Thin panels of material on the sides of the wetsuit not only enable you to rotate and stretch through the swim stroke but also allow your ribcage to expand fully when you’re swimming hard. On the forearm, you’ll see silver sharkskin material which is designed to help you plant each stroke and then pull through strongly. And the ankle area has a thin 1.5mm panel to help you whip the wetsuit off on your exit from the water. Perhaps most notable is what Quintana Roo call the Superfull’s Virtual Pull Buoy, technology which helps you retain energy and maintain good form during the swim by helping you rotate along the centre line, just as a pull buoy does in the pool. As you’d hope from a more expensive triathlon wetsuit, the Superfull is made to last, with more durable material being used in areas of the wetsuit which are likely to come under repeated stress.

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