Speedo STR Pro Wetsuit Mens

Mens Speedo STR Pro Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: A suit for those transitioning from beginner to more confident
Rating: ★★★½☆

Despite its name, the STR Pro triathlon wetsuit from Speedo is aimed at novice triathletes who nonetheless want a good performance out of their triathlon kit. It has been designed to give you everything you need when you’re new to open-water swimming: buoyancy, thermal protection but a bit of extra speed, too. All of the seams are bonded, rather than stitched, to reduce drag as you move through the water, and the material used on the surface of the suit reduces resistance. The 5mm neoprene, whilst not the thickest you’ll find in the wetsuit market, will offer you a great deal of buoyancy and keep you warm, too. Speedo have worked hard to make this wetsuit easy to get on and off, recognising that beginners don’t want the extra worry of struggling in transition. From neck to hip is one seamless panel, which keeps your body up in the ideal streamlined position, helping your technique. Catch panels on the forearms help you feel the water and propel yourself through the swim stroke more strongly, whilst thinner panels at the ankle enable you to ease the suit off without too much effort.

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