TYR Hurricane C1 Wetsuit Mens

Mens TYR Hurricane C1 Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: Entry-level suit from a respected range, but cheaper can be found
Rating: ★★★★☆

The Hurricane series is swimwear brand TYR’s first foray into the wetsuit market, and the TYR Hurricane C1 is their entry-level wetsuit for triathletes and open-water swimmers. It offers the basic features of the Hurricane range in a streamlined version, for those who want a simple, reasonably-priced wetsuit which will help them in their first season or two of triathlon. It even incorporates some of the key features of the C3 and C5, which are much higher-end versions of the Hurricane.

The TYR Hurricane C1 is eye-catching and looks great. In the water, it performs well, with light 5mm-thick neoprene used throughout the chest, core and legs to help raise you into the correct position in the water, cutting drag and helping you swim more efficiently. The tapered design of the legs makes it easier to get out your suit quickly and without too much effort before you get on your bike. The cuffs are fitted to prevent water from entering, so be careful that they are not too tight for you. It is the least expensive of TYR’s Hurricane range, although not the cheapest entry-level wetsuit you’ll find on the market – significant if price is your only deciding factor.

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