TYR Hurricane C1 Wetsuit Womens

Womens TYR Hurricane C1 Triathlon Wetsuit
Summary: Reasonably-priced suit reported to be a great women’s fit
Rating: ★★★★½

The C1 is TYR’s entry-level wetsuit, aimed at triathletes and open-water swimmers who want comfort, buoyancy and warmth without compromising on flexibility. It’s not the cheapest entry-level suit you’ll find out there, but is renowned for being extremely comfortable and a great fit for women. It takes some of its features from the other suits in the range which are much more expensive, such as fitted cuffs to prevent too much water from entering the suit, and tapered legs to make taking it off quick and easy when you’re up against the clock. The design looks great, and the suit is remarkably light given the thickness of neoprene (5mm) used to give the buoyancy and thermal protection novice swimmers are likely to need. This thicker material is used throughout the chest, torso and legs of the C1, helping lift you into a good position in the water and encouraging a more productive posture. This is an entry-level wetsuit which nevertheless maximises swimming performance whilst working to minimise your levels of fatigue.

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