Zoggs Predator Flex Mirror Goggles

Zoggs Predator Flex Mirror Goggles
Summary: Great value goggles loved by triathletes the world over
Rating: ★★★★★

Zoggs’ Predator Flex goggles are one of the hugely popular Predator range which are tailor-made for triathletes. There are many reasons behind the Predator range’s popularity with triathletes: the goggles are large enough to be well-suited to open-water swimming, their one-piece frame design is extremely comfortable, they give great clarity of vision and offer good peripheral vision with their low-profile, curved lenses. On top of all this, the Predator Flex offers unique “4 Flexpoint” technology which gives the goggles an even better and more contoured fit against the face. These goggles can flex at various points around the frame, fitting perfectly to the shape of your face and reacting as you swim. These goggles have a split strap, giving extra security when it comes to staying on your head, and they can be used for pool-swimming as well as open-water. They’ve got great anti-fog properties and offer full UVB protection. With a choice of smoke, blue, amber and mirrored lenses you can choose the pair which is best for triathlon training and racing conditions.

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